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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Almost there!

Well, its been awhile on this project. I thought it would be fast and simple. Man was I wrong. I have been working day and night on the expansion. Here are some pictures on the progress. This will show all the work that had to be done to make this possible. In the pictures you will see that a hole had to be dug from one half of the shop to the other. I had to cut through the concrete 40'. And remove 4 thousand pounds of concrete. The first load weighed in at 2,200. And I still have another load to take when the snow melts.

Then the dirt had to be removed. That sucked! In the pics below you can see the chaos! This all had to be done to install the floor drains in the kitchen area. The plumbing is now in, and I have the front counter in. I just got all the sheet rock up, taped and textured last night. The paint will go on this evening. I will update the photo's soon. We now have to get the fixtures on the plumbing and then the training will begin! Stay tuned!

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