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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is finally here!

Spring is here! Yes! We are now carrying Giro, Bell, and Easton components! Giro helmets should be in stock in about a week? If not sooner. Still waiting for Pearl Izumi...someone in their office has evidently dropped the ball! Anyhow...we are submitting our dealer app to Cannondale! Just have to fill out all the paper work...and I love paper work...(yeah right). Things are picking up nicely, and I am feeling better! I even went out to the Eagle Bike Park today and played hooky! (Only after I picked up our espresso beans from Dawson Taylor) So I did work a little this morning! I will keep you all updated!

Ride On! Get your bike in before the Spring Rush sets in!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Winter Training Nights

Hello all!

Sorry for the long break of no blogs... Starting the last week in October, we will begin our winter training nights. There will be 3 Redline IC70 trainers for use and a couple rear wheel trainers for use. You may bring your own trainer, and make sure to bring your bike as well. We will supply the Training DVD. Bring your A-Game...Cause these training videos will kick your butt! Stay tuned...I will update the dates and times very soon. Just waiting for our trainers to come in!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bicycle, Coffee Talk, Narrow minds....


We are done with the Espresso section. It took allot of work, and we still have more work to do. But I do not feel satisfied with what we have accomplished. I'll feel better when things pick up! On another note:

An implementation of a bicycle path or trail system would greatly improve the livability of Ontario. But certain city officials believe otherwise. Heaven forbid that there be something healthy to do for family's in a city. We just feel like there can be more to be offered in this town. We hope the Officials of this town realize that the youth are the future. And we should nurture EVERYTHING they do, not just organized sports. This should apply to motocross, bmx, skateboarding, mountain biking, road biking...etc.

We have been asked over and over again, are you doing a Jolts and Juice? The answer is No! We created Sag Wagon Espresso for the Cyclist of Ontario and surrounding area's. Jolts has really good coffee, and we will strive to make ours every bit as good as theirs. But we are not trying to compete directly with them. If you want a good cup, and your on that side of town...stop in and get your fix. I have wanted to create a Bicycle/Espresso shop for the past 2 years. And now we can do it. Did certain people along the way influence this? Yes, all ideas start somewhere. Is it odd for some? Yes, you may not grasp the concept of what we are trying to create, but with time hopefully you will.

We really wanted to create a hang out for the cyclists before and after group rides. And to generate a little extra income during the winter months. And that is where the drive-thru comes in handy. We are coming up on our 3rd year of New Ownership! July 1, 2009 will be our 3 year anniversary! We are trying to create a unique bicycle shop in this area that will compare with no other.

We are also using Dawson Taylor espresso beans. They are located in Boise Idaho, and I believe that they have the best quality beans around. Roasted fresh daily! Remember, We are open! The drive thru is open! So what's your excuse? Support your LBS! and your LCS!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

About a Week away from being able to serve Espresso!

Here is the rest of the progress so far. Every thing is finally done. We have been training and just waiting for final Inspections. People are already starting to hang out in the Espresso section. Its really taking on alot of character! Stay tuned for more info as things progress. Here are a few pictures for your vewing pleasure!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Almost there!

Well, its been awhile on this project. I thought it would be fast and simple. Man was I wrong. I have been working day and night on the expansion. Here are some pictures on the progress. This will show all the work that had to be done to make this possible. In the pictures you will see that a hole had to be dug from one half of the shop to the other. I had to cut through the concrete 40'. And remove 4 thousand pounds of concrete. The first load weighed in at 2,200. And I still have another load to take when the snow melts.

Then the dirt had to be removed. That sucked! In the pics below you can see the chaos! This all had to be done to install the floor drains in the kitchen area. The plumbing is now in, and I have the front counter in. I just got all the sheet rock up, taped and textured last night. The paint will go on this evening. I will update the photo's soon. We now have to get the fixtures on the plumbing and then the training will begin! Stay tuned!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The boy's are at it! The creation of our mascot!

Well, thanks to my good friends Vick Machuca and Joe Cheatham @ North Verde Auto Salvage. http://www.northverdeautosalvage.com/. We started our Mascot project for the Espresso section. Joe hooked us up with this 1971 VW Bus to make some booths out of. It may look rough right now, but you are going to be stoked when its done! Keep your eyes peeled...We are almost there! Here are some pictures of last nights cutting party! LOL! Thanks for the pics Joe!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

09 Redline IC70 Trainer Sale!

MSRP $1250.00 SALE PRICE $999.99


An indoor trainer with “true cycling feel.” When you can’t get outside and ride, the Redline Indoor Cycle “IC70” is the answer. With whisper quiet belt drive and magnetic resistance, no other trainer combines these features to mimic the outdoor riding experience into such a well designed package. The built-in computer is included and features a large easy to read LCD display and can be used both wireless or not.


+ Ultra smooth and efficient magnetic resistance eliminates inconsistent pedaling motion and unwanted noise from traditional friction type resistance systems.
+ Maintenance free, extremely quiet, clean and smooth belt driven flywheel.
+ Computer is equipped with 8 individual functions and large easy to read display: Ride Time, Speed/Cadence – Current, Average and Maximum, Calories Consumed, Heart Rate - Current, Average and Maximum. Heart rate pick-up sensors on handlebars, or go wireless with chest strap.
+ Equipped with dual option pedals, choose between SPD clipless or standard toe clips and straps.
+ “Freewheeling” flywheel offers true bicycling feel and flexibility during training along with added safety.
+ “Perfect Fit” frame design incorporates micro adjusting handlebar and saddle heights, with uniquely designed seat and head angles which allows proper pedal orientation within the rider compartment at any setting.
+ Wide range of rider fit, 28.5” to 39.5” inseam.
+ Multi position handlebars offer riders many choices during your workout, and include integrated heart rate pick-up sensors.


+ Durable power coat paint finish ensures long lasting protection. + Durable industrial grade sealed cartridge bearings, hi-strength forged steel cranks.
+ Optimum flywheel weight; light enough for effortless cool down cycles yet still offers smooth pedaling cadence at all speeds and workout levels
+ Front Flywheel design helps keep overall footprint to a minimum, saving precious space when needed. Base dimensions – 25.5” width, 40.5” length. Stable, wide base with easy to level feet.
+ The IC70 is transportable with built-in wheels for moving.