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Friday, December 12, 2008

The boy's are at it! The creation of our mascot!

Well, thanks to my good friends Vick Machuca and Joe Cheatham @ North Verde Auto Salvage. http://www.northverdeautosalvage.com/. We started our Mascot project for the Espresso section. Joe hooked us up with this 1971 VW Bus to make some booths out of. It may look rough right now, but you are going to be stoked when its done! Keep your eyes peeled...We are almost there! Here are some pictures of last nights cutting party! LOL! Thanks for the pics Joe!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

09 Redline IC70 Trainer Sale!

MSRP $1250.00 SALE PRICE $999.99


An indoor trainer with “true cycling feel.” When you can’t get outside and ride, the Redline Indoor Cycle “IC70” is the answer. With whisper quiet belt drive and magnetic resistance, no other trainer combines these features to mimic the outdoor riding experience into such a well designed package. The built-in computer is included and features a large easy to read LCD display and can be used both wireless or not.


+ Ultra smooth and efficient magnetic resistance eliminates inconsistent pedaling motion and unwanted noise from traditional friction type resistance systems.
+ Maintenance free, extremely quiet, clean and smooth belt driven flywheel.
+ Computer is equipped with 8 individual functions and large easy to read display: Ride Time, Speed/Cadence – Current, Average and Maximum, Calories Consumed, Heart Rate - Current, Average and Maximum. Heart rate pick-up sensors on handlebars, or go wireless with chest strap.
+ Equipped with dual option pedals, choose between SPD clipless or standard toe clips and straps.
+ “Freewheeling” flywheel offers true bicycling feel and flexibility during training along with added safety.
+ “Perfect Fit” frame design incorporates micro adjusting handlebar and saddle heights, with uniquely designed seat and head angles which allows proper pedal orientation within the rider compartment at any setting.
+ Wide range of rider fit, 28.5” to 39.5” inseam.
+ Multi position handlebars offer riders many choices during your workout, and include integrated heart rate pick-up sensors.


+ Durable power coat paint finish ensures long lasting protection. + Durable industrial grade sealed cartridge bearings, hi-strength forged steel cranks.
+ Optimum flywheel weight; light enough for effortless cool down cycles yet still offers smooth pedaling cadence at all speeds and workout levels
+ Front Flywheel design helps keep overall footprint to a minimum, saving precious space when needed. Base dimensions – 25.5” width, 40.5” length. Stable, wide base with easy to level feet.
+ The IC70 is transportable with built-in wheels for moving.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Working Late

Well, I have been staying late every night trying to get the shop looking good for the Christmas holiday's. I have also been working on the Espresso section. We hit a snag with getting a good bid on the Plumbing. But Noa Towner's husband Eric, from Towner's Plumbing stepped up to the plate with an awesome bid! He should start the job Dec 15. I am trying to get this completed before the end of December. But it all depends on the Inspectors getting the inspections done in a timely manner. If your in the area stop in and say hi, cause it gets pretty lonely in the shop during the winter months! Just think...In January you can come in and order an Espresso based drink and check out the latest cycling gear! Ihope to see you soon!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Defenition of a Sag Wagon

A sag wagon is a support vehicle for cyclists. As a general rule, cyclists on tour call the vehicle a sag wagon, while racers prefer the term “broom wagon.” In either case, the sag wagon can be a vital part of the team which support cyclists along their journey. On long tours and trips, many cyclists grow quite attached to the sag wagon and its drivers, thanks to the comfort that the sag wagon provides.
The origins of the term “sag wagon” are a topic for debate. Some cyclists believe that it is an acronym for “Support and Gear” or “Support Aid Group.” Others suggest that it may be related to distressed or weary cyclists “sagging”, or trailing behind the pack. In either case, the sag wagon can be a lifesaver for cyclists, since it carries everything from water to medical supplies. Many of the staff on board are cyclists themselves, sitting out an event for various reasons or simply enjoying the opportunity to help out.
Usually, the touring sag wagon takes the form of a large, sturdy van or truck. It is designed to hold food for the cyclists, along with camping gear and other equipment. The sag wagon may drive ahead to the night's designated camping spot, so that the cyclists are welcomed to a fully set up camp when they arrive. In other cases, the sag wagon trails slightly behind, keeping an eye on the cyclists and picking up stragglers who may need a brief break from the open road.
Using a sag wagon for a bicycling tour allows the tour group to include a wide range of cyclists at varying levels of physical condition. The wagon can carry the bulk of the cyclists' luggage, making the bikes much lighter and more easy to handle. It also brings along a sense of home, and since a van can carry far more food than a bicyclist can, it usually indicates that good supplies will be less spartan than they might be on an unsupported trip.
In racing, the broom wagon specifically seeks out cyclists who may need medical attention or a rest. The broom wagon meanders through the course route slowly, making sure that stragglers are cared for and meeting the needs of cyclists who may need anything from more water to a lift, so that they can withdraw from the race if they are experiencing physical problems. Staff on the broom wagon usually have medical training so that they can evaluate cyclists in distress.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Theater Add

If your at the Real Theater in Ontario, keep an eye out for our Add.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sag Wagon Espresso

Well its official, winter is coming! And when that happens bicycle shops usually slow down. So to combat this, we are adding an Espresso section with a drive thru window. So in the spirit of Cycling we decided to name it Sag Wagon Espresso. A Sag Wagon is the support vehicle for cyclists on long riding events. They are there to help cyclists fix their bicycles during the ride. We thought that this would only be appropriate to name our new endeavor after the guy's and gal's that opt out of the ride only to help their fellow cyclist when they are in a jam. Espresso and drip coffee do the same for people every day. It can help you out of that jam, and get you motivated and ready to tackle the day. Stay tuned for more on Sag Wagon development ... I will keep everyone posted as we build away!